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Disposal Bin Vs Junk Removal Companies

Disposal Bin Rental
Coastal Bin Truck Ready For Service

Lets get straight to the point on this topic. Bin Rental Vs Junk Removal Companies.

The options here are simple. You can rent a bin, have it delivered and load all the materials yourself for a set rate per Tonne fee.

Now with the junk removal companies you have 2 guys in a smaller truck come at a set time to your address or business to help take away all of your materials / junk. Sometimes if you don't have time or not able to lift and remove your items out of your residence or business this might help.

BUT ! ! ! here is the catch that not alot of people really understand and know.

PRICING MATH : Lets Break It Down

For our example we will use a home clean out with household debris with the average weight being 2.13 Tonnes ( couches, mattress, debris, household odds and ends. )


  1. $225 Bin Rental Fee $80-100 Show Up Fee

  2. $115 Per Tonne / $.05 A Pound $640 Per Tonne / $.32 A Pound

  3. 1 Week Rental - Included $25 Per 15 Minutes After 1 Hour

  4. Mattress $15 Each $40 Per Mattress

Totals @ 2.13 Tonnes ( 1 Mattress )

$484.95 $1483.20

As you can see there is a HUGE difference in price. Almost $1000 more for having 2 guys load your material for you in 1 hour. If it takes longer than 1 Hour you'll be paying $25 per 15 minutes. What potential customers see initially is the $.32 a pound for junk removal companies. Seems cheap at first until you do the conversion.

Your average landfill prices where you would be taking your garbage, refuse and waste if you didn't use any of these services is around $112-$135 Per Tonne or $.05-$.06 Per Pound.

This post isn't to deter people from one company or another, but more of a informational breakdown to help you see just how much your bill could be for an average cleanup. And to show what $.32 a pound looks like at a Per Tonne rate.

Other Bin Rental companies might also be charging pick up fees, drop off fees, fuel surcharge fees and destination fees which could add to the cost. Coastal Bins does not charge any other fees beside the Bin Rental and Per Tonne Disposal Fee, Which was used in our example.

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