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Soil / Mulch & Gravel 
Delivery Service

We at Coastal want to fill all your needs. ( with things we can fit inside of our bins ) Coastal can load any of these materials in our bins to deliver to you.  Soils, Gravels & & Mulch


All Purpose Top Soil

$ 35 / Yard

Our all purpose Topsoil is a dark, compost based soil. This soil is an excellent growing medium that meets all your yard and garden needs.


Nutra Mulch

$ 35 / Yard

Nutra Mulch is a unique and versatile product that can be used to amend existing sandy and clay type soils or as a ground cover (like bark mulch) in your garden beds. It aids in moisture retention and weed suppression.


Trio Blend

$ 35 / Yard

Trio Blend is an ideal growing medium which may be used for both turf and seed applications. Trio is widely used by commercial turf professionals because it provides good drainage, even compaction, and easy application.


Bark Mulch

$ 35 / Yard

Our Bark Mulch is a Helmock Fir Blend that is aged just for our wet pacific climate and perfect for all your landscaping needs.

We Also Deliver Various Other Products

3/4 Crush 

Sechelt Sand

Concrete Sand

3/4 Navy Jack

3/4 Roadbase

Crusher Dust

3/4 Limestone

2-6 in  River Rock

All Gravel Products Listed Will Be $35 / Yard  Delivery = $120

If you have certain products from a preferred location that you would like us to pick up we can do that also ! 

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