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Straight Forward Pricing With No Hidden Fees

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How To Rent A Disposal Bin - Coastal Bins
Coastal Bins

How To Rent A Disposal Bin - Coastal Bins

$275 Bin Rental | Any Size

All Bin Rentals Include Delivery, Pick-Up. 

Current Waste Prices Are Below 

Bin Rentals Are For 7 Days From Date Of Drop

Additional Days  =  $15/ Day   

Prices Are Based On Per Tonne. Ex $175 Per Tonne

General Garbage, Debris & Household Items ( No Drywall Mixed In )   


Mixed Construction / Roofing / Demo  ( No Drywall Mixed In )


Yard / Green Waste / Brush ( No Dirt Or Rock ) 


Drywall - Year 1992 or Newer / Must Be Dated


Clean Concrete ( No Rebar / Mesh / Dirt ) 10 Yard Bin Including Disposal 

Clean Asphalt ( No Rebar / Mesh / Dirt ) 10 Yard Bin Including Disposal  

Clean Fill / Soil / Lawn ( No Boulders, No Clay, No Concrete, No Green Waste ) 

Mattresses / Box Springs


$175 Per Tonne
$175 Per Tonne
$80 Per Tonne
$195 Per Tonne
$400 Per Bin
$400 Per Bin
$400 Per Bin
$30 Each Piece

Restricted Items

Do not put any of the items listed below in the bins, a 100% dump fee surcharge will be applicable.

  • No Paint

  • No Chemicals

  • No ACM (Asbestos Containing Materials)

  • No Hazardous Waste

  • No Propane Tanks

  • No Lead Acid Batteries

  • Biomedical Waste, including sharps

  • Liquid Wastes and Sludges

  • Explosive Substances

  • Chemicals or Other Materials which may create hazardous working conditions

  • Inflammable Materials

  • Materials hot enough to start combustion

  • Automobile Bodies or Boat Hulls

  • Waste Oil, Petroleum By-Products or Used Oil Filters

  • Dead Animals and Animal Parts including bones, feathers, skin, hair, nails and teeth (excluding processed meat)

  • All Forms of Excrement

  • Barrels, Drums, Pails and other large Liquid Containers, whether full or empty

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